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Deep Space Investment Hub

Whether a seasoned investor or a newcomer, TangleSwap's Deep Space Investment Hub serves as the ultimate destination for those seeking the latest opportunities around the cosmos.

Core Technology

TangleSwap's Investment Hub democratizes access to seed and pre-seed investments, which has been traditionally limited to multinational corporations and accredited investors.

The Hub offers a diverse selection of early investment opportunities tailored to individual risk profiles, while simultaneously providing emerging projects with an efficient and full-fledged fundraising platform.


Projects that conduct a token offering through the Hub benefit not only from a flexible and feature-rich fundraising platform, but they also gain privileged access to TangleSwap’s highly engaged, vibrant community of Explorers.

Investment Hub Mechanics

Through a highly intuitive interface, investors can effortlessly navigate through multiple auctions and access extensive information as they conduct their due diligence process, including among others:

  • Whitepaper & Tokenomics.
  • Social Media, Website, and Description.
  • Auction Price, and Commitment History.
  • Pre-locked Liquidity Pool amount & duration.

On the other hand, project owners can create an auction in the Hub in a completely permissionless manner. To learn more about the process, please refer to our guide section. In short, builders and developers have at their disposal a wide array of tools to fully customize their token sale:


While upholding our dedication to open and decentralized systems, we also see the need to offer users an additional level of trust when exploring new investment options. This has led to the creation of 'Highlights', a section where users find projects that passed a review by the TangleSwap crew for authenticity & reliability.

TangleSwap's review process aims to assist users in making informed decisions about the veracity of projects they invest in, to avoid common threats in the industry such as impersonation scams.

While this initial due diligence process aims to assist in informed decision-making, it does not eliminate the inherent risks associated with investing in any project and is by no means a guarantee of success. It remains the responsibility of each user to conduct individual research and fully assess the risks and rewards associated with each investment. Always DYOR!