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Deployed Ecosystems

Where can I access the Tangleship?

In this article we provide a brief overview of the ecosystems where TangleSwap is live, including a rationale for each of them.

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Cardano — Gateway to Mainstream DeFi Adoption

In Q4 2023, TangleSwap is set to make its grand entrance into Cardano and its vibrant ecosystem with a full product release including the debut of a fundamental economic and governmental cornerstone of the TangleSwap protocol: the $VOID token, minted natively on Cardano.

TangleSwap’s entry into the Cardano Ecosystem aims to directly address Cardano's existing liquidity challenges with a portfolio of six DeFi apps engineered to amplify capital efficiency and enhance the utility and value of each token and $ADA in the network.


New to Cardano? No worries, this comprehensive onboarding guide is the compass you need.

To explain our rationale for Cardano, we shall include a brief excerpt from the TangleSwap blog:

For a Decentralized Finance protocol to thrive and stand out in a competitive landscape, the underlying infrastructure upon which it's built must encompass a set of attributes, such as scalability, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness. Yet, one of the most essential aspects remains the ability to instil trust, achievable only through genuine decentralization and robust security - qualities that Cardano exemplifies.

TangleSwap's integration into the Cardano Ecosystem emerged not from mere chance but from meticulous scrutiny of both current and emerging ecosystems. Upon evaluating Cardano's robust technical framework, it became evident that it serves as an optimal layer to catapult TangleSwap closer to its mission of making DeFi mainstream. Moreover, by leveraging Cardano's Wrapped Smart Contracts, TangleSwap offers more than just native-like integration - it brings the best of both native Cardano and industry-grade EVM experience to the user's fingertips.

Cardano's appeal extends beyond its technology as it boasts the backing of a large, engaged community and a vibrant ecosystem rich in diverse projects, initiatives, and protocols that actively address user requirements. Such a dynamic is pivotal to TangleSwap as our utility is only as significant as the individuals and institutions that make use of it.

Shimmer — Staging Ground for Emerging DeFi

After an intensive two-year development journey, TangleSwap made its debut with a limited-release production candidate on Shimmer — a fast-paced, risk-embracing staging environment akin to Polkadot's Kusama.

As Shimmer undergoes its gradual transformation into a battle-hardened network, it already boasts an array of cutting-edge features like MEV-resistance, native randomness, full EVM compatibility, sub-second block finality, feeless Layer 1, and parallel transaction processing. These attributes empowered our vibrant community to engage with a new DeFi concept in a real-value environment (and ecosystem) for the very first time.