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Is TangleSwap safe to use?


We are fully built on open-source software. Our frontend and all our smart contracts will be—starting from Q2 2022—publicly available on our GitHub repos for complete transparency.

This means our entire codebase will always be accessible to third parties and the community, who can review and test for vulnerabilities both from a backend and frontend perspective.


We began building TangleSwap by porting Ethereum-based Solidity logic from UniSwap V2 and PancakeSwap into native Go for IOTA Smart Contracts.

Our choice of Go as a programming language was based on early advice from the smart contracts Dev Team at the IOTA Foundation, who confirmed superior code efficiency, memory footprint (i.e. cost), debugging capabilities & speed of execution.

We are currently preparing to conduct comprehensive security audits of the entire TangleSwap platform with reputable external firms provided by the IOTA Foundation and the Assembly Touchpoint builders program. We will go through two full audits, including pentesting and external security assurance, before Mainnet launch respectively on the Shimmer and the IOTA networks.

Lastly, all our contracts will be verified on IOTA Explorer, so that anyone can freely track every transaction and message that takes place within the protocol.


Future-proof security for future-proof technology. The crew follows strict security best practices. Our pilots use multisig for all contracts, and we implement a timelock delay before any governance changes can be applied, prior to Mainnet deployment.