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Audits & Security

Is TangleSwap secure to use?

Hardened Smart Contracts

While aiming for the stars, we remain deeply rooted in security best practices. From the ground up TangleSwap has been built with enterprise-grade security at the core of every design and execution.

To begin with, the TangleSwap codebase has been thoroughly audited by Zokyo, a highly experienced firm that specializes in building, securing, and funding bleeding-edge Web3 businesses. Zokyo, a trusted partner introduced by the IOTA Foundation through the Touchpoint Builder's Program, has an impressive portfolio of over +1,000 companies — including prominent protocols in the space like Layer 0, 1-INCH, DPEX, and SushiSwap. The crew appreciates the opportunity of having worked with Zokyo to conduct comprehensive audits, penetration testing, and external security assurance on TangleSwap's smart contracts to assess and harden their security.


For a detailed analysis, the 6 audit reports from Zokyo are openly accessible on the TangleSwap Media page.

Permissionless Transparency

All the 40+ smart contracts which compose the TangleSwap protocol are fully verified on the ShimmerEVM Explorer. They are also publicly listed on our Deployment Logs here within the TangleSwap documentation.

While we strive to maintain a competitive edge based on our product and technological innovations, our ultimate goal is to fully open-source our software. In the future, our entire codebase — from frontend to smart contracts — will be made public on our GitHub organization, so that third parties and the community will be completely free to review, test for vulnerabilities, and assess performance for the entire protocol.