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NFT Docking Stations

Our deep space engineers have been hard at work to brainstorm, design and build a wide array of valuable financial tools to put in the hands of TangleSwap users.

NFT Staking

One of the most innovative functionalities at the Tangleship might be our NFT Docking Stations, where explorers are able to stake their Non-Fungible Tokens to generate passive yield in the form of VOID tokens and unique rewards.


Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are typically estimated by annualizing the last 7 days of earnings, with or without compounding. As such, the precise rates of return will vary continuously throughout the year.

Thanks to our non-fungible docking stations, you are now for the first time able to generate yield not only from your cryptocurrencies and TLP tokens, but also from your NFTs!

You can learn more on the young category of NFT Staking tools in this article by Binance Academy.

In essence: if you have a web3-native asset, whatever its shape or form, we've ensured it can be put to good use on TangleSwap. 🌱

TangleSwap Utility NFTs

TangleSwap recently announced all the details around our upcoming Utility-driven Genesis NFT collection. Previously, we had also shared a sneak peek into the future of our NFT Staking platform.

Starting on the week of April 4th, we will begin gradually revealing our finalized artistic work, culminating with the release of our NFT Landing Page on the 14th April 12022. This will become a central repository of knowledge around our pioneering initiative, summarizing all the key bits of info and presenting them to the global web3 community.