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Staking Gravitational Fields

Staking Gravitational Fields are enigmatic structures. They seem to exhibit an interesting ever-expanding nature, where they can only accumulate mass as time goes by — typically in a non-linear fashion.

Perhaps even more astonishing might be that, to be created, all they need is one single token. No TLP token needs to be issued, and no risk of impermanent loss applies.

Staking is thus the simplest way to earn tokens. And as if that wasn't enough, on TangleSwap staking is also 100% feeless!

Farming vs. Staking​

Compared to Asteroid Farms, Staking Fields are simpler because all you need to do is… well… stake your token. It’s a straightforward 1-step process.

When it comes to APY rates, Farms do tend to return higher yields, but comparisons can change wildly based on current market conditions — it ultimately depends on adoption and user preference for either option.

The key difference is that by staking you commit your funds to one single asset, i.e. the token from your staking field of choice. In contrast, farming techniques require exposure to two assets, but allow users to remain flexible by maintaining a diversified balance, not only with a VOID position but also with their original TLP tokens.

It is important to note: Farming vs. Staking is not an either/or decision. Explorers are free to increase their rewards by participating in both, thus benefitting from the full TangleSwap experience. In fact, there is a slim albeit significant chance that future airdrops may favor bold users who dare explore all the intricacies of our Tangleship. 🛸