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Navigating through the tangleverse is a thrilling experience, yet no easy feat. Maneuvering around gigantic gravitational fields, collapsing stars, unforeseen asteroid belts, and avoiding a crash with other high-speed ships requires flexibility for us to steer the Tangleship promptly and redistribute priorities as the market and resources grow and mature.

The ability to pivot in crucial times and under new circumstances is essential.

That means that we cannot publicly commit to a roadmap with specific timelines, especially given how we are building a novel product on a new ecosystem which still has some relevant features in testnet stage. Lots of unknowns can—and will—appear in the development process.

Transparency in our product design and development process is one of the key pillars at TangleSwap. We have a clear, modular development strategy designed to evolve together with future potential atmospheric conditions. Even though we will not provide ETAs, frequent status updates will be transmitted and broadcasted intergalactically through all the official channels, keeping explorers in the loop on new missions & destinations and allowing interested users to embark on our spacecraft at any time.

That being said, we’d like to share a sneak peek of our current intended deliverables (essentially, a to-do list) for the present year 12022. More details on our journey’s starting point and destination can also be found in the article on TangleSwap's vision.

Last Updated: Apr 11, 12022

Ongoing / Recurring

  • 4 dApps: Token Swapping, Liquidity Pools, Asteroid Farms & Staking Fields
  • Fully-fledged website — desktop & mobile
    • Welcoming homepage
    • 3D assets & animations
    • UI/UX for dApps
    • Debugging of frontend-backend integration
    • Up-to-date docs
  • Wallet connector & internal alpha testing
  • The Big Bang NFT collection
  • Private Beta & feedback integration

Coming Up

  • Public Beta on Shimmer Devnet
  • Embedded coin charts
  • Open-sourcing TangleSwap protocol
  • $VOID minting & presale
  • DEX go-live on Shimmer Mainnet
  • Recruitment Program & announcement of stealth partnerships


  • dApp: NFT Stations
  • Documentation v1.0
  • Community infrastructure