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Activity-based Airdrop Program

Set your sights skyward — airdrops are on the horizon.

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The Basics

TangleSwap's airdrop program isn't just "helicopter money"; it's a finely-tuned system of incentives designed to reward the top-most active and contributing users.

Trading & Referrals

Trade more, refer others, and reap the rewards. Beautifully simple in its concept.

Secure your share of seasonal airdrops by focusing on two core metrics:

  1. Total Traded Volume 🔁 — your trading activities on TangleSwap. This is the main metric that will determine your airdrop rewards, in comparison to the global traded volume.
  2. Your Referrals Volume 🤝 — trading activities of those you successfully onboard to TangleSwap. 10% of the volume generated by your referrals (i.e. the new users that you invite) will be added to your total traded volume when calculating your earned airdrop rewards.

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How to get started with referrals? 🔗

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Account Overview page on TangleSwap.

Coming Soon

  • Step 2: Copy your unique referral URL (shown in pink in the screenshot above).

  • Step 3: Share your unique referral URL and get your friends or community to make their first transaction on TangleSwap.

  • Step 4: Verify that your new referrals were correctly added to your referrals list. Congratulations, you're now earning 10% of their trading volume!


New users only! Referrals are valid solely for users who haven't previously engaged with the TangleSwap protocol. However, you are free to invite as many newcomers as you desire.

Other Airdrops

Beyond Trading & Referrals, we occasionally release special airdrops, like Tokens and exclusive NFTs in our Zealy Space. Make sure to keep an eye out for these special one-time opportunities!