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The VOID Token

Venturing into the depths of the cosmos, our pilots stumbled upon a mysterious source of wormhole energy. According to the latest scientific literature, their findings corresponded to negative-mass exotic matter, powerful enough to radiate across multiple universes. Upon careful inspection, it was revealed that this energy could be harvested with decentralized wallets in a meta-stable manner. They called it: the $VOID.

Token Economics

The VOID token is the fundamental economic and governmental cornerstone of the TangleSwap protocol. The Buyback-and-Burn Blasters mechanism channels organic protocol revenue directly to VOID holders, empowering long-term supporters to secure a significant stake in TangleSwap's future.

Simultaneously, Void Energy (VE) — obtainable exclusively by staking VOID tokens — acts as a pivotal component in unlocking the full potential of the TangleSwap protocol. Note that Void Energy is not a separate token, but rather a non-transferable measure of decentralized reputation within the protocol. Both VOID and Void Energy work in harmony to ensure an optimal economy and governance.

Pioneering an Omnichain Future

The benefits of expanding TangleSwap across multiple ecosystems are clear: more chains mean broader reach for Total Value Locked (TVL) and trading volume. This increase in activity leads to greater revenue, from which a majority flows back to VOID through the BBB mechanism.

One aspect that truly sets TangleSwap apart is the protocol's unique multi-chain economic model, which not only enhances VOID's liquidity and value, but also adds two new defining utilities to the token value proposition:

  1. Dynamic Token Emissions: All token emissions (from Farms, Void Energy, and NFT Staking) are now based on ecosystem-specific metrics, such as trading volume and TVL. This approach ensures a balanced token economy, promoting healthy competition among ecosystems to increase their share of emissions. At the same time, this system evolves VOID into a liquid hedged index, making the token act as an S&P-like index for the ecosystems where TangleSwap is live.
  1. Omnichain Interoperability through VOID: Wherever TangleSwap integrates, ecosystems benefit from a unique approach to unify and bring together resources that might otherwise remain scattered, to the detriment of end users. TangleSwap's interconnected model elevates the utility of VOID by making it a key player for both interchain operations and investments. Details around the full omnichain capabilities of the TangleSwap protocol will be announced in early 2024.

Beyond the individual benefits of using the TangleSwap protocol, users who engage with TangleSwap as a collective will also indirectly benefit the ecosystem in which they do so by attracting new revenue streams through the different token emissions.

Buyback-and-Burn Blasters

The first two years of the TangleSwap protocol are considered the 'bootstrapping phase'. During this period, token emissions are used to attract early users, generate revenue, and foster growth. However, it is paramount to design an economical model that equally enables token holders to reap the benefits of their investments.

As such, TangleSwap directly translates platform success into positive price pressure for the VOID token, by allocating a portion of the protocol's multiple revenue streams towards a market-buy & burn mechanism, known as TangleSwap’s Buyback-and-Burn Blasters (BBB).


The BBB mechanism operates in two steps:

  1. First, organic revenue from multiple sources is used to buy VOID tokens directly from the open market, thus benefiting not only liquidity providers with additional trading fees, but moreover creating a constant source of buy pressure for TangleSwap’s native token.
  2. Second, the market-acquired VOID tokens are burnt, thereby reducing the total supply and exerting further continuous upward price pressure.

The BBB burn mechanism is currently applied to the following revenue streams:

Trading Fees 💱
The success of TangleSwap is fueled by active trade on the protocol's token markets.
As such, 30% of the trading fees accrued in all liquidity pools fuel the Buyback-and-Burn Blasters (BBB).
NFT Royalties 🎨
TangleSwap’s Genesis NFT collection launched in April of 12022 and within 24 hours it rose to become the second most successful launch in the ecosystem. Ever since, the NFTs are traded solely on the secondary market, racking up a 5% royalty fee for every trade, which is then directed towards the BBB.
Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) 🏛️
As part of TangleSwap’s vision towards long-term sustainability, the protocol not only "rents" liquidity from the market, but also permanently acquires its own liquidity (which is owned by token-based governance). 100% of trading fees generated through this Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL) are used by the BBB.
Investment Hub Booster 💰
While presale opportunities on TangleSwap’s Investment Hub are accessible to everyone in a permissionless manner, some events might allow interested participants to directly contribute tokens to the BBB in order to raise their maximum allocation in the process.

Supply & Distribution

The VOID token reaches a total supply of 100 Million after a period of 2 years. The emission rate after that time will be strategically determined by decentralized token-holder governance. The initial distribution of VOID is allocated as follows:

TangleSwap Tokenomics

  1. Protocol Incentives
    Distributed among liquidity providers and token owners — via TangleSwap’s Concentrated Farms and VE Staking — to ensure robust liquidity for the DEX and alignment among all protocol participants.

  2. Public Sale
    No VCs, no exclusive pre-sale access. Just a one-time event accessible to everyone interested in becoming part of TangleSwap’s transformative journey.

  3. Core Contributors
    Allocated to the dedicated individuals who build and develop the core protocol, proportional to their contributions.

  4. Community Airdrops
    Exclusively disseminated through TangleSwap’s innovative Airdrop and Referral program, designed to catalyze growth.

  5. Initial Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL)
    Ensures a stable, foundational amount of liquidity to act as a buffer against volatility for early traders. This initial POL is fully owned by the protocol’s governance, thus providing a baseline revenue stream for all VOID token holders.

  6. Genesis NFT Distribution
    Allocated to holders of TangleSwap Genesis NFTs — the protocol's utility-driven, yield-generating NFT experience.

TangleSwap Business Whitepaper

To take a deep dive into the full economical framework behind the TangleSwap protocol, we highly recommend Section III of the TangleSwap Business Whitepaper. In this section we explore industry-leading references and practical examples from Moving Beyond Coin-Voting Governance and Finding Web3's Soul in a Decentralized Society, to the different roles from TangleSwap's unique utility-based The Big Bang NFT collection.


English not your native language? Our community of Explorers has been candidly translating the Whitepaper into various languages, with Spanish and Japanese available so far. Click here for the link!

Business Whitepaper