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Our pilots found that, when combined with bleeding-edge Tangle technology, refined VOID crystals can be used as an extremely powerful source of wormhole energy. The potential use cases seem numerous, with at least six different kinds of utility specified to date.

1. Participation Rewards

VOID will be the reward token for explorers who provide liquidity and engage in diverse aspects of the TangleSwap ecosystem, namely: Asteroid Farms, Staking Fields, and NFT Stations.

2. On-tangle Governance

The future of the TangleSwap universe will be decided by the brave pilots and explorers who jump aboard the Tangleship. In order to achieve that, VOID will double as a governance token for our TangleDAO—our dedicated DAO for the TangleSwap protocol—with vote weights based on contributions and tokens held.

3. Trading Discounts

In order to incentivize buy-and-hold pressure, those who join us and embark on the Tangleship for the long run by holding VOID will enjoy discounted trading fees on our platform. When holding a VOID balance in the amount specified by the tiers below for a period of at least 30 consecutive days, loyal explorers will get a proportional discount on liquidity fees when trading assets.

TierBalanceDiscountTrading Fee
Planet Earth< 10,000 VOID0%0.25%
Red Dwarf Star≥ 10,000 VOID10%0.225%
Blue Hypergiant Star≥ 100,000 VOID20%0.2%
Ultramassive Black Hole≥ 1,000,000 VOID40%0.15%

This discount on liquidity fees applies independently of other perks: if a wealthy explorer would reach the Blue Hypergiant tier and also hold a TangleSwap Utility NFT such as Night Fall, such explorer would enjoy a 20% VOID + 10% NFT = 30% total discount.

4. IFO & Launchpad Access

TangleSwap will bridge the gap between IOTA, Shimmer & Assembly developers and the broader ecosystem by allowing the community to participate in IFOsInitial Farm Offerings — and Presales of other projects launching on TangleSwap. To participate in these events, VOID tokens will be a requirement. A pertinent recruitment program has been set in motion to actively bring and support projects from other networks with an interest to launch on the Tangle, or to become involved with the ecosystem in some other way.

5. Lend/Borrow Instrument

Long-term feature

In line with the autonomy and agency provided by the governance token, VOID will also be the cornerstone of a financial ecosystem where traders can lend & borrow to increase their yields or leverage their positions.

6. Stablecoin Backing

Long-term feature

In the long run we also envision a stablecoin, the iUSD, to provide Explorers with a secure and stable medium assets of exchange and store of value. This iUSD stablecoin would be backed and connected to TangleSwap and VOID energy, as well as additional asset sources coming from partnerships within the IOTA ecosystem.