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TangleSwap is a non-custodial, multi-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that seamlessly integrates seven state-of-the-art applications into a single, user-friendly decentralized platform. Designed to cater to the DeFi needs of professional and mainstream users alike, TangleSwap addresses the major challenges currently facing the industry: profitability, scalability, sustainability, and security.

At the core of the protocol lies an open-source Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) decentralized exchange (DEX), but the breadth and depth of TangleSwap's DeFi application offerings extend far beyond this foundation.


For assistance with Web3-specific terminology, please consult our comprehensive DeFi Glossary.

Trade currencies, provide liquidity, access exclusive investment opportunities, govern, and stake assets — all while leveraging the unparalleled advantages of the Tangle over traditional blockchain technology.

The whole universe of DeFi at your fingertips.

The Tangleship descends...

TangleSwap's Edge

In addition to the numerous advantages that the CLMM DEX technology offers compared to conventional AMMs and alternative trading platform architectures — such as order books and centralized exchanges — TangleSwap enhances its offerings by integrating unique, innovative features that set its algorithm apart from other CLMMs in the market. One such original feature — detailed among others in our Whitepaper — is the dynamic fees enabled by our Oracle Balancer, which boosts the profitability of liquidity pools when arbitrage opportunities appear.

Why IOTA & Shimmer?

While there are numerous promising DLT projects within the crypto space, the IOTA protocol is a perfect fit for TangleSwap’s V1 product palette and the continuous execution of its vision. To further elucidate the exceptional benefits TangleSwap derives from harnessing the state-of-the-art technology of IOTA and Shimmer (a twin network to IOTA designed to spearhead innovation) it is important to highlight some key features of their DLT:

  • Hyper-scalability
    The core of Shimmer & IOTA is a novel algorithm — the Tangle — built using a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) to create an extremely scalable, efficient, and decentralized protocol. It vastly exceeds the traditional performance of blockchain structures by using a parallelized approach to the transfer of value and data: regardless of the number of simultaneous transactions, validation times are always fast and reliable.

  • Exceedingly Fast Transactions
    Thanks to the underlying DAG consensus, transactions reach finality in the order of single-digit seconds.

  • Feeless, Native 'Layer 0' Interoperability
    Shimmer's Tokenization Framework allows for a cross-platform, multi-chain DEX. Digital assets, tokens and NFTs live inside the Tangle and inherit its native feeless, scalable, and secure nature. In light of how transaction fees from previous generations of dApps pose high entry barriers, TangleSwap users are now freed from these economic burdens, opening the door to high-frequency traders and mainstream adoption.

  • Immune to MEV and JIT Exploits
    Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) is a prevalent issue in blockchain-based systems, where malicious actors employ bots to manipulate the chronological order of transactions, exploiting opportunities through DEX arbitrage, liquidations, and sandwich trading. IOTA's Tangle, however, remains impervious to such exploits since validators cannot determine transaction order within the block. Users may attempt to mitigate MEV by adjusting slippage, but this is a workaround with limited efficacy, and in fact the issue is so common that you may not even be aware that it has affected you previously. As of 12022, Ethereum traders lost more than $600 million USD in MEV attacks. For users of Shimmer and IOTA, this number will forever remain at $0.

All these technological innovations and features native to the Tangle, combined with a flourishing community, a powerful developer base, and a wide-reaching business ecosystem — including IOTA being selected by the EU to become the official European Blockchain Services Infrastructure network — enable TangleSwap to continuously expand its user base and derive sustainable revenue from an ecosystem with highly promising growth prospects, thus ensuring the platform is perfectly positioned to execute its vision from the very genesis block.

Three networks to unite them all -->


All our activities unfold aboard the TangleSwap spacecraft — aka The Tangleship — which is operated by a seasoned crew of Pilots, and inhabited by a warm and diverse community of Explorers. In our upcoming articles, we will occasionally use these expressions and introduce new cultural terms. Let's get started!