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Welcome Aboard

TangleSwap is an open-source automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the IOTA ecosystem.

Our protocol helps you make the most out of your crypto and NFTs.

Swap currencies, provide liquidity, and stake assets — with all the advantages brought by the Tangle over more traditional Blockchain technology.


When we speak of the IOTA ecosystem, we use it as an umbrella term for 3 closely related but ultimately distinct networks: Shimmer, IOTA Mainnet, and Assembly. You can learn more about them on our Network Fleet article.

Being built on top of IOTA, here are some salient features of our DEX:

  • Gas-free
    Using the Tangle as our ground layer, the concept of gas vanishes into the void — along with miners, MEV, and energy waste.

  • Hyper-scalable
    IOTA's DAG-based technology processes transactions in parallel, far exceeding the current scalability of any traditional blockchain.

  • Fast
    Thanks to the underlying consensus mechanism, transactions typically reach finality in the order of single-digit seconds.

  • Interoperable
    IOTA's Tokenization Framework allows for a cross-platform, multi-chain DEX. Digital assets and tokens (including NFTs) live inside the Tangle and inherit its feeless, scalable & secure nature — removing the need for vulnerable centralized cross-chain bridges.


All our activity unfolds aboard the TangleSwap spacecraft—aka The Tangleship—which is operated by a small crew of Pilots, and inhabited by a broad and warm community of Explorers. We dive deeper on each of these concepts in our next articles.