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Welcome Aboard

TangleSwap is a non-custodial, multi-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that seamlessly integrates seven state-of-the-art applications into a single, user-friendly decentralized platform. Designed to cater to the DeFi needs of professional and mainstream users alike, TangleSwap addresses the major challenges currently facing the industry: profitability, scalability, sustainability, and security.

At the core of the protocol lies an open-source Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) decentralized exchange (DEX), although the breadth and depth of TangleSwap's DeFi application offerings extend far beyond this foundation.

  • For assistance with Web3-specific terminology, please consult our comprehensive DeFi Glossary.
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Trade currencies, provide liquidity, access exclusive investment opportunities, govern, and stake assets — all fueled by TangleSwap's original technology that merges user-centricity with cutting-edge DeFi technology.

The whole universe of DeFi at your fingertips.

The Tangleship descends...

TangleSwap's Edge

In addition to the numerous advantages that the CLMM DEX technology offers compared to conventional AMMs and alternative trading platform architectures — such as order books and centralized exchanges — TangleSwap enhances its offerings by integrating unique, innovative features that set its algorithm apart from other CLMMs in the market. One such original feature — detailed among others in our Whitepaper — is the dynamic fees enabled by our Oracle Balancer, which boosts the profitability of liquidity pools when arbitrage opportunities appear.

Heading towards 'Invisible DeFi'

We see that a necessary requirement for Web3 and DeFi to truly thrive and onboard the next billion users is a borderless, secure, and composable future.

Invisible DeFi is our name for a future where users can naturally interact with (and obtain yield from) their digital assets and cryptocurrencies without knowing any of the technical details that make their experience possible in the first place — as it happens today with Fintech, and any other solutions powered by the Internet.

Step by step, the TangleSwap team is working hard to push towards a User Experience (UX) for our product suite that enables this 'Invisible DeFi', which will eventually fully abstract (i.e. fade into the background) complex concepts for users such as chains, bridges, or gas.

We can only envision a future with one billion blockchain users in these conditions. And at TangleSwap, the Invisible DeFi experience is a guiding compass for every design and engineering decision.


Over time, the TangleSwap community has developed some culture around the protocol. All our activities unfold aboard the TangleSwap spacecraft — aka The Tangleship — which is operated by a crew of Pilots, and inhabited by a warm and diverse community of Explorers. In our upcoming articles, we will occasionally use these expressions and introduce new cultural terms. Let's dive in!