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Integrations & New Listings

To submit an application for a new listing — whether token or NFT collection — please fill in the appropriate form:

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The TangleSwap protocol comprises 6 original decentralized applications (dApps) that are fully permissionless, allowing open access to all users. In this context, listing a new asset refers to including it in the user interface that most users rely on, while the smart contracts remain always publicly accessible. In addition, the TangleSwap crew provides technical & business support to nascent, promising projects.

Technical / Business Partnership

If you would like to integrate the TangleSwap protocol with your application — whether decentralized or not — our team would love to learn more about your project!

To deep dive into TangleSwap and our ecosystem, we candidly recommend our Business Whitepaper.

For corporate enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at For individual enquiries, feel free to contact the crew on any of our official social media channels.

Feedback / Bug Report

To file a bug report or performance issue, please open a GitHub Issue on the TangleSwap Feedback repo.


Alternatively, you can also join our Discord and submit a ticket on our #support-tickets channel, or more informally you can simply share a comment and/or screenshot on the #dev channel.