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NFT Docking Stations

Our team of deep-space engineers has meticulously crafted an expansive suite of financial instruments. These tools, when wielded by the intrepid Explorers of TangleSwap, serve as keys to unlock novel opportunities in the realm of decentralized finance.

Core Technology

NFT Docking Stations introduce an additional layer of utility to digital assets and thus to our suite of DeFi products, in alignment with our overarching mission to fully realize the potential of decentralized finance.

Users can now stake their non-fungible tokens from selected collections to generate passive yield in the form of tokens and other unique rewards provided individually by collection owners.


As the NFT landscape matures beyond its initial speculative phase, real-world use cases begin to flourish, from tokenized real estate to event ticketing, stocks, bonds, and traditional financial derivatives. With the tokenization market projected to reach a valuation in the trillions, there is an increasing need for robust tooling and infrastructure to support this burgeoning market across diverse industries.

The NFT Docking Stations deliver an 'essentials toolkit' to support and strengthen these ventures. They provide high-quality collections with frictionless access to NFT-Finance and decentralized governance, while ensuring market liquidity and enhancing stakeholder value.

Importantly, NFT Staking belongs to a broader development strategy within TangleSwap’s product palette: regardless of the asset's shape or form, we are committed to maximizing utility and value potential.

TangleSwap NFT Collections

• SOULS of TangleSwap

The signature of Digital Identity within TangleSwap.


Limited to an exclusive supply of 1,000 pieces, your 𝓢𝓞𝓤𝓛 companions require devotion and commitment for the right to mint one. The 𝓢𝓞𝓤𝓛𝓢 of TangleSwap have not — and will not — be sold directly by the TangleSwap team; instead, they can only be earned by engaging with the community and the protocol. Alternatively, you may seek your companion on for the Cardano ecosystem or Soonaverse for the Shimmer ecosystem.

• The Big Bang

TangleSwap's Genesis collection, where our journey got started.

Update: Genesis NFT Utilities Replaced by 1st Community Vote

As of January 12024, and in our first community-driven governance decision, all utilities of Genesis NFTs have been replaced by a more streamlined, liquid solution. For more details, please visit our Discord.

TangleSwap Genesis NFT

The Big Bang ushers in a new era of community-centric NFT experiences. With its 'primordial landscapes', The Big Bang was originally conceived as more than just visually stunning art pieces. Their design intricately interwove art, community, and rewards, creating a unique blend that gave life to each token. However, it's important to note that these NFTs are now exclusively appreciated for their artistic value, as all previously expected utilities have been replaced following community consensus.


When we launched our Genesis NFT launch back in 12022, our vibrant community infused the protocol with approximately $1M USD within the first few hours, and minted out all Big Bang NFTs in record time. The collection is now only available on the secondary market.