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The Vision

Why was TangleSwap created?

In 2009, an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto released 2.03 MB of revolutionary code1, designed as "a new electronic cash system that uses a peer-to-peer network [...] completely decentralized with no server or central authority” — an exemplary contribution originated in direct response to the 2008 Lehman Brothers collapse.

In 2022, echoes of such financial calamities remain pervasive2,3,4 and show the need for a 'post-centralization' global future that matches the principles of transparency & equitability set forth by Satoshi; an on-chain future where power lies in the hands of individuals.


TangleSwap exists to further this vision by democratizing and bringing decentralized finance to the masses.

What is the Tangleship's trajectory?

Leaving Earth's Orbit

TangleSwap's primary objective is to equip our vibrant community of explorer with a comprehensive suite of the most advanced and efficient decentralized finance (DeFi) tools. The protocol seamlessly blends battle-tested technology and business models together with original, pioneering innovations. This approach opens the doors for everyone, regardless of their experience, to capitalize on the full potential of DeFi.

Following this rationale, TangleSwap launches with a suite of seven non-custodial, groundbreaking applications:

  1. Multi-Route Trading
  2. Concentrated Liquidity Pools
  3. Multi-Modality Farms
  4. Vote-Escrowed Staking
  5. NFT Staking
  6. Investment Hub Launchpad

Interstellar Travel

Importantly, the groundbreaking innovations, user-centric interface, and product design behind TangleSwap have been tailored to meet the modern needs of professional DeFi users and mainstream participants alike.

Having the VOID token - the fundamental economic and governmental cornerstone of the TangleSwap protocol - natively minted on robust blockchain infrastructure enables TangleSwap to be perfectly positioned to capture future growth and seamlessly scale along an ever-expanding number of Web3 users. At the same time, the economic incentive schemes, value creation mechanisms, and continuous positive price pressure infused into the VOID token foster the perfect conditions for a sustainable economy.

Moreover, as the global Web3 space grows, with use cases for digital assets coming to full fruition, TangleSwap will continuously advance its application offering to cater to the trustless needs of professional DeFi users and mainstream participants alike, thus laying the foundation to develop TangleSwap's vision into a reality: becoming a leading hub for decentralized finance across the global cryptocurrency and Web3 landscape.

Full control, full freedom, and endless possibilities — the future of finance on TangleSwap.

The VOID logo

The Product Palette

Below we provide a quick overview over the seven different decentralized applications (dApps) that compose the TangleSwap protocol. For extensive in-depth documentation, please refer to the Protocol Explainer articles.

Multi-Route Token Trading, elevating user experience to new heights

At the heart of the protocol lies a user-friendly, powerful token-swapping application. Traders benefit from TangleSwap’s Concentrated Liquidity and Multi-Route advanced algorithms, enabling limit orders and high-volume trades even with modest liquidity, while keeping fees & price impact to an absolute minimum.


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