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Staking VOID

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to stake your VOID tokens for rewards, governance power, and decentralized reputation — in the form of Void Energy — on TangleSwap. For a detailed overview of the concepts and features behind the application, please refer to the Staking dApp explainer.

Before going through the full guide below, let's take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the staking process:

Start your Staking Journey

To stake VOID on TangleSwap, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Staking Fields interface.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to TangleSwap.

Step 3: Choose your VOID staking amount and duration.

Swap UI - Default State


The design of Staking Fields prioritizes user-friendly interaction. Users need only decide:

  1. The Amount of VOID to stake (minimum of 100 VOID).
  2. The Duration of the staking period (1 to 200 weeks).

The amount of Void Energy (VE) generated from staking VOID is calculated based on the following formula:

VE=(Amount of $VOID Staked)×(Staking Duration in Days)\text{VE} = (\text{Amount of \$VOID Staked}) \times (\text{Staking Duration in Days})

Once your VOID tokens are staked, they remain locked until the end of the selected duration. However, you can add more VOID or extend your staking period at any time.

Step 5: Click Approve VOID and confirm the approval in your wallet.

Step 6: Click Stake VOID and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Swap UI - Default State

Step 7: Done! Your VOID tokens are now staked, opening the door to the rewards of Void Energy (VE).


Explore the Full Spectrum of VE Benefits: Upon staking your VOID tokens, you immediately activate the benefits of Void Energy. These advantages are available throughout your staking period, enhancing your TangleSwap experience. Dive into our Void Energy explainer to understand how VE enhances your TangleSwap experience:

• Governance 🏛️

• Staking 🌱

• Boosted Farms 🧑‍🌾

• Investment Hub Access 🌌

• Trading Discounts 🧮

Add VOID or/and Duration

While your initially staked VOID remains locked until the end of your chosen staking duration, preventing any reductions or early withdrawals, users are free to perform two actions at any time:

  1. Add VOID to your current stake:
  1. Extend Duration:

Understanding the Impacts of Add VOID and Extend Duration

  • Opting to Add VOID or Extend Duration in your staking strategy leads to three significant outcomes, intuitively reflected in our user interface for clarity and ease of understanding. Firstly, performing these actions instantly distributes any rewards accumulated from your prior staking period. Secondly, your initial lock duration is reset, effectively starting a new staking period. Lastly, they reset "Your Time Staked" to zero in the staking rewards formula:

  • Staking Rewards=(Your Staked VOIDGlobal Staked VOID)×(Your Time StakedTotal Time Since Launch)\text{Staking Rewards} = \left(\frac{\text{Your Staked VOID}}{\text{Global Staked VOID}}\right) \times \left(\frac{\text{Your Time Staked}}{\text{Total Time Since Launch}}\right)

  • This reset — Add VOID or Extend Duration — notably affects the accumulation of your Staking Rewards. After the reset, there might be an initial decrease in rewards per second compared to the pre-reset period. However, as you maintain your staking duration without resets, these rewards will gradually build up, and surpass the level of rewards from your previous stake.

  • In simpler terms, the longer the duration of your stake, the more time it requires for your rewards to progressively increase, or "ramp up." Therefore, it's advisable to refrain from making frequent small additions of VOID or regularly renewing a long-term staking duration. For instance, if you renew a 1-year staking period every week, it would hinder the gradual increase of your rewards per second over time and also restarts the 1-year staking period everytime you either Add VOID or Extend Duration. This understanding is key to optimizing your staking strategy for maximum benefit.

Unstake VOID

Once your chosen staking duration has ended, you have two options:

  1. Select a new duration and Re-stake VOID to keep earning VOID + VE rewards.
  2. Withdraw your VOID token (including your staking rewards) to your wallet, and lose all accumulated VE.

Importantly, it should be noted that Void Energy is indeed a precious resource: withdrawing a single VOID token will lead to the loss of all accumulated VE. Much like in the real world, a good (decentralized) reputation is hard to earn, yet easy to lose. 💡

Swap UI - Default State